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I've taken the TOC down -temporarily-, and have replaced it with the list of links below that are active and have content, so that you're not stumbling around in the dark.

When things get fleshed out a tad, I'll re-add. In the mean time, these entries are being populated, so check them out. Lots of great info, resources, tutorials, cheat-sheets, and more. Please check back often, as we add things daily. All changes will be mentioned on this page.

- Stay tuned, lots more added regularly!

Recently Added:

New Sections Added:

Latest Added at the Top

7/22/16 -

  • Added a tools section, with recommended tools and installation / usage instructions / examples.
  • Added an osint section for Open Source Intelligence resources and information.
  • Added a bunch of entries to the links resources, and removed dead links.

  • Started a list of commands/practices/time-savers that you're undoubtedly bound to run into more than others, and on a semi-regular basis hence this being separate from the cheat-sheet or similar sections. Coming soon. I would highly suggest man'ing the root commands in these cases, so you understand the context in which it works.

  • New VIP section in the link dump, for “best / most useful” sites and resources
  • Added an Update Log that documents all changes
  • Added new items to the Coming Next area, so keep an eye on it
  • Started writing a py script that will help us mitigate re-posts
  • Added nmap information and commands to the Tutorials section

Changes and Additions to Existing Sections:

  • Added lots of new Links and organized the unsorted ones.
  • Added a tutorial on how to install Linux onto a VM1), in what will soon be a tutorial on how to setup your own hacking lab. Take a look - tutorials
  • Telnet Port Scanner added to tutorials
  • Finding Low Hanging Fruit with Kali added to Reference section
  • Added a badass Python cheatsheet to the Reference/cheatsheet section

Coming Next:

* **__Video Tutorials__**- Some people prefer to learn visually. Luckily, there's no shortage of videos.
* **__Best Online Tools__**- From passive recon, to cloud hash cracking, and everything in between.
* **__Useful Browser Extensions__**- For Chrome and Firefox.
* **__Linux Commands__**- What you should know. From beginner, intermediate, and advanced categories.
* **__More compact__**, topic-oriented **cheat sheets** that you should always have quick access to. 
* **__Resource Directory__** - Tons of links to the sites that you'll find the most useful, informative, and full of GREAT JUSTICE\\

Brand new News Feeds! Aggregated feeds - Best Of. Including:
* Exploit Database updates
* Silo Hub, where we regularly post everything from what's new in the field, tutorials, articles, and more.

Check out our collection of useful web sites. Affectionately named, Project Lynx2) added to regularly.

Please visit our Forums (Currently down, will be up again ASAP) - http://www.silosec.org And our Quizlet Flash card collection (The set has been embedded into our page HERE, but the original is here - http://bit.ly/1nwAsr7

If you're interested in learning more about SiloSec, or if you are interested in joining, please contact me via any one of the following -
* email - to j@silosec.org
* Public keys3) - https://keybase.io/Silo
note - Keybase.io available within Tor at http://fncuwbiisyh6ak3i.onion


1) Virtual Machine
2) Uber lame. Almost as cliche' as uber
3) If you want an account, let me know. I have a bunch of invites
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